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There are three furries who make up Green Wolf Studios. Here, you can learn about them and see pictures of their fursuits.

Zest Wolf
Suit shown here: Neesa Wolf by Green Wolf Studios
Zest Wolf is the main person at Green Wolf Studios. She makes the suits and wears them. Her fursona is a male green wolf. She has been suiting and in the fandom since late 2005.

Geyser Skunkcat
Suit shown here: Geyser Skunkcat by Green Wolf Studios
Geyser is the main photographer and is paid $2 per photoshoot. She owns two fursuits, one of her previous fursona Belle Latina the red fox/fennec fox, and the one shown in the picture. She helped with both, and is especially good with hair. She made Geyser's mohawk and Belle Latina's black yarn hair.

Chalea Snagglefang
Suit shown here: Chalea Snagglefang by Chalea Snagglefang
Chalea makes her own suits. Her job is simply to run around with Zest in suit, and she loves to do just that! Her fursona is a species of her own invention, the Olean fox. Chalea is the last one left.